While Washington State officials did admit to including five people who died of gunshot wounds in their Coronavirus death toll. 

Dr. Katie Hutchison, health statistics manager for the Washington State Department of Health, told reporters on a conference call on Thursday:

“We currently do have some deaths that are being reported that are clearly from other causes. We have about 5 deaths… that we know of that are related to obvious other causes. In this case, they are from gunshot wounds,” 

Washington State officials claimed that it was unclear how the gunshot victims ended up in the count – where they still remain. 

However, Hutchinson said the figure would soon be revised to account for the glaring error.

Fascinating Use of Liberal Logic By Washington State Democrats

Washington State Health officials then inexplicably claimed that their Coronavirus death totals are somehow “underreported”?

They stated this despite the state already has asserted that its current coronavirus death tally includes anyone that dies after testing positive for the illness.

A few weeks ago we started reporting on how the Democrats began weaponizing their states Coronavirus death totals in an effort to hurt President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection bid. 

Democrat governors, like Washington State Governor Jay Inslee knowing that the liberal-biased media would ultimately hold Trump responsible for the rising death toll. Began including EVERYONE infected with COVID, no matter how they passed, in their daily Coronavirus death totals.

How utterly insane had this become?

The Democrats weren’t even trying to hide what they were doing knowing they wouldn’t be questioned by the mainstream media. Illinois’ Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike openly declared:

“Even if you died of a clear alternate cause but you had COVID at the same time it’s still listed as a COVID death.”

So in Illinois even if you died by getting run over by a truck being driven by a drunk driver who crashed through your office wall and killed you as you were sitting at your desk talking to someone on the phone.

If you tested positive for COVID, you were listed as a Coronavirus victim and added to the daily Coronavirus death toll.


Not Shockingly, The Democrats Liberal Logic Coronavirus Death Toll Scheme Failed Miserably.

It was abundantly clear the mainstream media would cover any Democrat governors Coronavirus response failures by failing to report on them. 

This was never more evident than when MSM completely ignored New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous decision to send elderly Coronavirus infected patients to nursing homes that resulted in thousands needlessly dying.

Unfortunately for Democrats and the mainstream media, through conservative media outlets reporting on these stories, the general public did become aware, albeit slowly.

But once it became clear that the public was becoming informed of the Democrat shenanigans.

Democrat officials, like those in Washington State, started quietly making readjustments to their COVID-19 death tallies.

Last week, Colorado’s Department of Health and Environment reduced its death count by nearly 300, from 1,150 to 878. 

Colorado Officials were forced to readjust their totals after several cases of reported coronavirus deaths caught the eye of conservative media, including one incident in which a man who had died from alcohol poisoning had been declared a victim of the virus.

In April, Pennsylvania slashed more than 200 deaths from its own total, citing concerns about accurate reporting.


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