Jennie Stejna, a “feisty” 103-year-old Massachusetts grandmother celebrated beating her battle with the coronavirus with an ice-cold Bud Light.

Jennie’s grandson Dave Stejna told The New York Post:

“His grandmother is not only feisty and tenacious, she’s legendary in so many different ways. She speaks her mind and doesn’t put up with anything.”

She first tested test positive for the Coronavirus in early April where she was living at the Life Care Center of Wilbraham nursing home, her granddaughter Shelley Gunn told a local paper that:

“She had a low-grade fever and was moved to a COVID-19 ward, where her condition worsened. She lost her appetite and was having trouble staying hydrated despite around-the-clock care from nursing home staff.”

The Boston Red Sox fan who loves to sip beer on a hot day, and as many Americans are, Jennie didn’t fully understand everything about the COVID-19 pandemic. But what her grandmother was fully aware of was knowing that she was very ill.

“She kind of didn’t accept what was going on. She kept complaining that she couldn’t listen to Red Sox games (on her transistor radio),” 

Things look so grim for Jennie that family members were calling to say their final goodbyes to their beloved matriarch.

But miraculously, Jennie pulled through and was officially cleared of the Coronavirus on May 13.

Watch Jennie Celebrate With And Ice-Cold Bud