AOC Claims At Richmond Pro-Gun Rally 'Protesters flying confederate flags'

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez just can’t understand why police are in riot gear when the left goes out and marches for the lives of Eric Garner and Freddie Gray, but AOC spewed that there was almost no police officers at a 2nd amendment rally where people are “flying confederate flags” and “carrying semi-automatic weapons”

Um, maybe police show up in riot gear to your ‘marches’ because most of the leftists who come to your ‘marches’ like ANTIFA care more about rioting and burning down stuff than they do marching.

This is not the case at second amendment rallies, as we saw today. There was no violence and it was quite peaceful. Heck people were even picking up trash at the end of the rally.

Also, I don’t recall seeing any confederate flags in videos of the rally this morning. I’m not going to rule out that maybe someone brought one somewhere, but as a rule this didn’t appear to be the case. No, this is just AOC trying to keep up the false narrative that the rally this morning was a white supremacist rally.


Here’s a bonus clip for you that tells you everything you need to know (and likely already knew) about AOC:

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