WATCH Armed Black Militia Group NFAC March Through Lafayette, Louisiana

Armed Black Militia Group NFAC Not Fucking Around Coalition March Through Lafayette
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Several hundred black-clad members from the militia group ‘Not Fucking Around Coalition‘ (NFAC), many of them carrying assault rifles, marched through Lafayette, Louisiana to protest supposed racist police violence.

Not only were the NFAC members armed they were also wearing body armor and other tactical gear, something that the mainstream media were outraged over when lawfully armed Americans peacefully protested against Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer’s draconian coronavirus lockdown in and around the state’s capital building.

The NFAC march was held to seek justice for Trayford Pellerin

On August 21st, Lafayette  Police Officers were called to a convenience store shortly after 8 p.m. to respond to a “disturbance involving a person armed with a knife,” according to a statement from the Louisiana State Police.
The police found Pellerin in the store’s parking lot with a knife, when officers tried to apprehend him, Pellerin fleed to the scene on foot. The police used Tasers Pellerin as they pursued him, but according to the statement, “they were ineffective.”
The officers shot the armed Pellerin as he tried to enter a convenience store along NW Evangeline Thruway, according to Louisiana State Police. Pellerin was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The NFAC leader, who calls himself Grandmaster Jay, gave a speech during the event in which he argued that US President Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan doesn’t apply to black people. “I can’t remember a time in this country when it was great for us,” he said, and then led the crowd in chants of “black power.”

The march ended peacefully, but one individual was detained after accidentally discharging his firearm.

Despite being an African American, similarly clad in all black clothing, and carrying a firearm while marching among them, NFAC members told the media that the person involved was not part of their organization.

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