ABC’s Good Morning America on Sunday, tried their hand at doing some of the Democrats now-infamous revisionist history, as ABC news correspondent Janai Norman tried to claim that it had been “weeks” since BLM protests turned violent.

As TuskerDaily along with hundreds of other Conservative news sites such as NewsBusters, Twitchy, Breitbart, and Daily Wire, just to name a few have extensively documented.

The mainstream media have done everything possible to downplay, cover-up, or simply ignore the violence being caused during the Black Lives Matter protests that have been happening in cities across America for months.

As she was wrapping up her report, Janai Norman continued the mainstream media duplicity by falsely telling viewers:

“And no one seriously injured in that shooting at that protest in Colorado. But it’s been weeks we have seen protests like these turn violent in multiple cities around the country, as we have this weekend.”

In spite of ABC’s dishonesty, the fact is the violence that has taken place in Portland for 59 consecutive days has been well documented.

In Seattle last week local businesses were targeted by Antifa terrorism, which the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) conveniently failed to report to their from viewers.

And lest we forget, almost from the moment Democrat political leaders decided to ‘Bend the knee’ to the Black Lives Matter movement, throwing their support behind their ‘Defund The Police’ idiocy. A surge in gun violence has taken place in every major metropolis across America.

But despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, ABC’s Good Morning America played deaf, dumb, and blind to the facts, and continued regurgitating their DNC provided talking points:

Via Newsbusters