Black Lives Matter, Antifa “J29” warriors in Aurora, Colorado, did a great job screaming “Hold The Line” as if they received their military training from watching every military movie ever produced in La La Land. But maybe these BLM Peaceful Protesters need to brush up on ‘How To Avoid Shooting Your Buddy In A Crossfire’.

As we reported yesterday, dubbing it ‘J29,’ Antifa called for Saturday, July 25th to be a day of terrorism across America, and in Auror, Colorado, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa ‘peaceful protesters’ set their sites on shutting down Interstate I-255.

But as the crowd of BLM, Antifa rioters were walking on I-225, a car drove through the group which the mental midget militia tried to stop by shooting at it.

Watch as the kafuffle resulted in at least two of the BLM, Antifa ‘Peaceful Protesters’ getting shot by their fellow peaceful protesters who were standing on the opposite side of I-255 trying to shoot the driver as the car sped by.

There were multiple gunshots on the car, but the people inside did not appear to be injured, which cannot be said for those peaceful protesters who took a bullet from their deranged communist comrades.

BLM Peaceful Protesters Irony

Videos of the car following the incident shows at least one tire was popped, possibly by the mob.

Police Should Stick To Their Jobs And Stop Being BLM Publicists

What makes these protests even more maddening is how some Police Departments are bending over backward to appease the Black Lives Matter, and Antifa anarchists, as if this will matter to these criminal thugs.

Really, “hijack the message“?

Last time I checked their message was “Defund The Police“, you dimwitted dolts!