Presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden ditch the car and went bike riding Saturday in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware.

As Biden rode by a press gaggle, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden if he had chosen a running mate.

Biden said, “Yeah, I have.” Doocy asked who it was and as Biden pedaled close to Doocy he looked at him and said, “You!”

Jockster Joe

It’s kind of imbecilic that Biden campaign spokesman T.J. Ducklo felt the need to confirmed Biden was making a joke, “Folks, this is clearly a joke.

Unconfirmed sources claimed that Ducklo stated that once Vice President Biden remembers who he chose as his running mate will be, he will let the American people know.

Ducklo also added a little caveat saying ‘that is if Joe can remember his choice long enough to make it to the podium.

TuskerDaily Exclusive: Biden Has Already Chosen His 2020 Running Mate

In a TuskerDaily exclusive that we posted yesterday. According to our source, Joe Biden’s 2020 running mate will be Obama’s former national security advisor, Susan Rice who beat out Clueless Joe’s actual pick Kamala Harris.

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