WATCH: Bernie Sanders Supporter Explain Democratic Socialism To America

Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialist
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Watch Delusional Bernie Bro argue that the “democratic socialism” label would help Bernie Sanders, not hurt him, against President Trump in 2020


MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — A member of the Democratic Socialists of America explained the philosohpy of “democratic socialism” to Breitbart News at the victory rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as the results of the New Hampshire primary began to arrive.

Evan S. of Massachusetts had come to New Hampshire to canvas for Sanders. They — and they noted that “they/them” is their preferred pronoun, or “she” if absolutely necessary — walked through the philosophy of “democratic socialism,” as Sanders himself had explained it:

You listen to Bernie explain it, and it’s always so relatable … This isn’t Soviet communism, this is policies that meet human needs, like “Medicare for All” … canceling student debt, getting rid of people’s medical debt — these are policies that are popular! Majorities support these. So, for me, democratic socialism is about building a movement of ordinary people that can demand change. So I don’t think it hurts Bernie at all.

They also argued that the “democratic socialist” label would help, not hurt, in the campaign:

I’m a socialist, I stand by this brand 100%, you can see I’ve got my Democratic Socialists of America jacket. I think that this is really just the beginning.

Bernie is so good at coming out, and saying he’s a democratic socialist, but also talking about being the “organizer-in-chief,” and “Not me. Us,” and how he’ll use the presidency to build a movement of ordinary people to change things for themselves, right — just like Eugene Debs did at the turn of the century.

Eugene V. Debs was the presidential candidate for the Socialist Party from 1900 to 1920, winning 6% of the vote in 1912.


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