The supposed protesters seeking justice for George Floyd turned their rage on a statue of Charles Linn, a founder of Birmingham who fought for the Confederacy.

The brass statue, erected in 2013, was of the 17th-century businessman was toppled on Sunday night by a group of protesters, who gathered in Linn Park which was named after the same historic figure.

The moment the rioters brought the statue down they started covering it with graffiti. The scene was captured on video by local correspondent, Jonathan Hardison.

A Confederate Obelisk in the Same Park Became The Mobs Next Target.

Another subject of the mobs wrath, an obelisk-shaped monument erected in 1905 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, proved to be more resistant to their demolition efforts.

But the mob need not worry about taking it down.

Because the Birmingham Mayor said to take the night off promising that he’ll have the statue down by Tuesday.

In case your wondering who in the hell Charles Linn is…Because certainly none of these Mental Midget Mob Members do.

Charles Linn (1814-1882) was a Scandinavian immigrant and a minor player in the Confederacy.

Linn was a sea captain who would be an important figure in Alabama’s early economy.

He ran a successful store and farm in and around Montgomery after settling there in 1838, served as a captain in the Confederate Navy, and then re-settled in Birmingham, where he helped found the National Bank of Birmingham, which evolved into AmSouth Bancorporation, one of the state’s most important financial institutions until its merger with Regions.