Watch BLM Activist Charity Sadé Goes All Karen On CVS Manager

BLM Activist Charity Sadé Goes All Karen On CVS Manager
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Charity Sadé a woke BLM activist in Washington DC recorded a video at CVS Pharmacy of her berating a CVS store manager for calling the Police on two shoplifters because they were black.

In her unhinged Karen Clown world view, this store manager should be fired because ‘he risked their lives because they stole‘.

Charity Sadé, according to her website is a 33-year-old stand-up comedian. Now we’re not sure if she’s funny, but she certainly comes off as a joke in the video THAT SHE UPLOADED.

In the video, she posted, Sadé confronts a CVS manager who had the audacity to follow company policy to call the Police when they witness someone, no matter what color they are, shoplifting merchandise.

The most hysterical part of this woke video is when Charity Sadé caught herself speaking the quiet parts out loud.

While Charity Sadé is harassing the CVS store manager she screeches:

It’s not your merchandise it the stores so you know what happens when you call the Police on black people so you decided to call the Police on two black people that stole…(check notes)…that allegedly took something from the store.

Sade goes on to accuses the employee of “endangering the lives of black people,” because as she correctly stated, “They Stole.”

This is the most Karen sh!t I’ve seen yet.

Charity Sadé is such a racist that she doesn’t even know she’s trying to normalize Black crime.

I assume Sadé was attempting to enlighten this CVS manager to his white privilege and that it’s ok for Black people to shoplift because they’re Black. As if Black people are born criminals and just can’t help themselves from shoplifting.

What in the F**k are these unhinged liberals thinking? Do they even hear themselves spewing their racist nonsense?

Of course, the brave and bold Charity Sadé deleted her twitter account or at least had Twitter lock it down until her idiocy blows over.

She also wiped out her website leaving only a “Coming Soon” note, layered over a “Black Lives Matter” background.

Laughably, using the Wayback Machine, in 2019 she wrote in her bio “Her superpower is being able to make you laugh and cringe at the same time.”

Well, at least we have to give Charity Sadé her due credit for writing a truthful bio of herself.

CVS Pharmacy needs to speak out in support of its employee who did the right thing…unlike the criminals that Sadé defends because they’re black.

Here’s the video of Charity Sadé harassing a CVS employee while defending black shoplifters.

If you want to know the extent of her not knowing she’s a racist, we stumbled upon another bio of her’s at her production company Improbable comedy, she is also the founder of The Sometimes Pop-Up Comedy and Brainy Girl Productions,

Charity Sadé rites that Improve Comedy is supposedly an interactive comedy and storytelling show about awkward sex called SMASH!, and a comedy game show called Black Card Declined. 

Wait. What?

Charity Sadé goes on to write “At one of the shows, a gentleman was super happy to answer a question correctly, he won a “blackity Black” prize even though he was a middle-aged white man.”

What normal person, other than the KKK, would think this is funny?

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