WATCH: BLM Activists Outside White House Behead President Trump Effigy, Pretend To Shoot Cops

BLM Protest Near White House
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Black Lives Matter Activist gathered near the White House to protest the last night of the Republican National Convention.
The BLM Protesters / Rioters tried to drown out the event with loud music and chants while decapitating Trump effigy with a mock guillotine.

BLM, Antifa rioters blared music, shouted slogans and beat drums in the nation’s capital on Thursday, many gathered not far from the White House, where Trump gave his acceptance speech to a live audience of more than 1,000 on the final night of the RNC.

Media Reporter for the DailyCaller Shelby Talcott posted this video showing the Black Lives Matter anarchists posing with an imitation guillotine and an effigy stand-in for Trump – one heard saying “off with his head!”

Jordan Lancaster, another Daily Caller reporter because they’re the only ones with guts enough to cover these violent BLM protests, posted a video showing a Black Lives Matter ‘Peaceful Protester’ dressed up in a police uniform, complete with a pig mask, which others BLM ‘Peaceful Protesters’ pretend to shoot.

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