Amid widespread rioting, looting, and violence that erupted following the latest police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Antifa/BLM Rioters Armed with Assault Weapons corner an armored personnel carrier.

Kenosha quickly transformed into a war zone in the wake of an altercation on Sunday, in which 29-year-old Jacob Blake was shot at close range – reportedly at least seven times – by a Kenosha police officer during an alleged “domestic incident.” 

In a video below you can see the disturbing escalation of violence, by several heavily armed and armored Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters who surrounded a police BearCat vehicle in the early hours of Monday morning.

At one point, a Police officer is seen opening the hatch on the roof and throwing a tear gas grenade to disperse the crowd.

BLM Rioters Armed with Assault Weapons Corner Wisconsin Sheriff BearCat

Elsewhere in the city, flaming barricades constructed with torched vehicles were erected, amid reports of widespread looting.