Kenosha Night of Rage BLM Rioters looting local businesses

In the wake of the latest police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, widespread rioting, looting, and violence have been reported throughout the city in what many are calling Kenosha’s ‘Night of Rage’.

After a video of a police officer shooting 29-year-old Jacob Blake after he reportedly tried to break up a fight between two women went viral, the city exploded.

Since the video exploded on social media, Kenosha was quickly transformed into a war zone.

As TuskerDaily reported earlier, Black Lives Matter, Antifa protesters turned to violence as some armed themselves with Semi-automatic rifles and surrounded a Sheriff’s vehicle.

In another incident, a Kenosha police officer was knocked unconscious after an assailant threw a brick that struck him in the head.

Local media are reporting that Police officers across the city were being assaulted with rocks, bricks, and Molotov cocktails amid the widespread violence.

And as you’re well aware when it comes to these Black Lives Matter peaceful protests, when they start marching…Looting is sure to follow.

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