WATCH: BLM Thug Kicks Pro-Trump Supporter in the Head

WATCH: BLM Thug Kicks Pro-Trump Supporter in the Head
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During President Donald Trump’s visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin, a video shared online shows a gang of the mainstream media’s Black Lives Matter ‘Peaceful Protesters’ viciously attacking a pro-Trump supporter.

Despite significant police presence in the Kenosha, a group of Black Lives Matter supporters attacked a man wearing a Trump hat, with eyewitness footage of the incident purporting to show one of Joe Biden’sPeaceful Protesters‘ kicking the man in the head while he was on the ground.

And similar to when Kyle Rittenhouse was trying to leave the area, the man who was viciously attacked was then chased down the street by the angry BLM mob.

Luckily for him, he eventually managed to escape.

Watch: Pro-Trump supporter Getting Attacks By BLM/Antifa Thugs


President Donald Trump visited Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday, to get a first-hand look at the carnage that has been caused by Black Lives Matter, Antifa terrorists who have been rioting, and looting for over a week.

The opposing sides coming out to witness Trump’s arrival went as one might have expected.

Beginning with some verbal sparring between the groups with Trump supporters cheering on as President Trump tries to restore Law & Order, and BLM/Antifa rioters screeching that Trump and his supporters as a white supremacist.

You have to love these Black Lives Matter #MeToo Hypocrites in this first video, crying ‘Arrest him, he just assaulted this woman‘.

While completely ignoring the arrest warrant for Jacob Blake for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman.

Tuesday’s violence in Kenosha comes just two days we reported a video showing a white man being smashed in the head with a brick by a black man in Baltimore. that footage was shared online with the hashtag, #WhiteLivesDontMatter. Watch That Video Here 

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