Brexit Celebrations

Why Brexit has garnered so much interest in America is easily explained by the fact that it’s like looking into America’s near future and seeing all the mainstream media lies about President Trump being exposed.


When Brexit first became a thing, the Mainstream media led by CNN the Clown News Network tried to screamed ‘Doom-and-Gloom” if England ever voted to become free of European oppression.

After the people of Britain voted to reclaim their sovereignty as a nation from their European Union master the media has been trying to paint the picture that it was a small minority of racist white supremacists that drove the Brexit movement.

After the people of England voted to throw off their EU shackles, MSM tried pushing the claim that the only reason the people of the United Kingdom voted ‘Yes’ on Brexit was due to a right-wing misinformation campaign.

Since Brexit passed CNN as well as every other leftist news media outlet demanding that a second vote was needed but this time the government needed to step in and suppress all the supposed right-wing white supremacists lies.

MSM spent months, if not years, trying to delegitimize the Brexit vote, pushing the narrative that a vast majority of the population was tricked by all the right-wing racist misinformation and the British people overwhelmingly regretted their ‘Yes’ vote.


The Media Tried Pushing Brexit Regret Narratives Such As:

  • The more familiar British people become with the details of Brexit, the less they like it.
  • There is now a nine-point majority that believes leaving the European Union was “wrong,” YouGov found. It’s the biggest majority against Brexit since the poll was instigated.
  • A majority would vote “Remain” if a second referendum was held.
  • Brexit will be delayed, possibly opening a window to a second vote. 


After years of Political foot-dragging in an attempt to stave off Brexit.

The British people voted again and this time they overwhelmingly elected Boris Johnson and the Conservative Tory’s into office.

Boris Johnson didn’t just beat the liberal leftists who were being led by Jeremy Corbyn, they destroyed them, winning by a 2 to 1 margin.

The British people sent a clear message that no matter how much the fake news media objected, Brexit and the Conservative party were more popular than ever.


Party Like It’s 1999

As American’s recently witnessed watching the mainstream media’s dishonest coverage of the Pro-Gun, second amendment rally that took place in Richmond, Virginia.

Once again, the media has been caught gaslighting the public.

Similar to the Richmond Gun Rally, Social Media exposed every mainstream media’s lie.

Posting pictures and videos of the mass New Years Like Brexit celebrations taking place throughout Britain, the dishonest news media could no longer hide the truth.

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