California Highway Patrol vs Antifa protester
Two Antifa rioters were injured, one of whom was taken to hospital after the Democrats anarchist mental midgets decided it would be a great idea to climb on top of a California Highway Patrol car.
That is, they thought it was a great idea right up until the point where the Police Office pressed on the gas peddle.

The group of BLM, Antifa protesters had gathered ahead of President Trump’s visit to Sacramento where he gave a briefing on the escalating wildfires which have ravaged California, and other states, in recent weeks.

At approximately 1 pm local time, near Sacramento’s McClellan Airport, an Antifa rioter could be seen crawling on the hood of the police car, scaling the windshield when, without warning, the car accelerated rapidly, sending the man and several of his fellow “Peaceful Protesters” flying.

California Highway Patrol vs Antifa Asshat

Footage of mommy’s basement-dwelling dimwit sent flying quickly went viral and won Matt’s Idea Shop “Tweet of the Day” honors:

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