Shocked by Bernie Sanders’ Super Tuesday loss, “The Young Turks” host Cenk Uygur launched into an insane tirade against “senile” Joe Biden.


But Cenk Uygur wasn’t done by a longshot, he then declared progressives are in “absolute, all-out war’ against the Democrat establishment.

Uygur lamented during his show’s coverage of the election results that he and other far-left supporters of Bernie Sanders thought the Democratic presidential primary would be over on Super Tuesday. 

But now their candidate, the self-declared democratic socialist senator, is in a virtual tie with the former vice president.

“If you wanna go to war, we’ll go to war,” he said … “We cannot let Biden win. This is not just progressives versus the establishment. 

Guys, I need you to understand this: Biden is not gonna beat Trump.

“Biden is either near senile or actually senile,” he shouted. “Watch any of the tapes.”

Cenk Uygur Got his fat AZZ handed to Him in California.

So much for Cenk’s delusional that people love him and his progressive idea’s

Running to replace disgraced Democratic throuple Rep. Katie Hill after she resigned in 2019 amid her sex scandal.

Cenk Uygur who was all in on making bestiality legal came in fourth with about 5% of the vote.

If you can’t get more than 5% of Californians to vote for you, you know you’re a pathetic Progressive.


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