Charlotte Police Arrest BLM Protesters Ahead of RNC

Police arrested five people in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrated against the Republican National Convention (RNC) for a second straight night.

Charlotte Police issued a statement saying that the arrests happened late Saturday after a group of demonstrators left a park and began marching towards uptown Charlotte.

Police used pepper spray after a demonstrator picked up a steel pipe that was being used for perimeter security fencing and aggressively approached officers.

One person was charged with possession of a weapon at a protest when police seized a firearm after being alerted that a demonstrator riding a bicycle had a gun, authorities said.

Officers blocked off a street for safety when pepper spray was used on a demonstrator who assaulted an officer at about 11 p.m., police said. Three more people were arrested for assaulting officers and refusing to obey lawful orders, authorities said.

The demonstrators’ chants included, “No RNC in CLT” and “Black Lives Matter.”

As demonstrators continued marching in the streets, they repeatedly placed objects like business signs, garbage cans, e-scooters, and traffic cones in the roadway to impede traffic.

Police also made several arrests Friday night, after a group of about 60 demonstrators marched throughout uptown Charlotte.

GOP officials in Charlotte are expected to vote to renominate President Donald Trump in a small in-person session Monday.

Watch the Liberal Loons Protesting The RNC In Charlotte

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