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Watch ‘Chicago War zone’ 14 Gunned Down As Chicago Funeral Attendees Have Shoot-Out With Drive-by Shooters (VIDEO)

Chicago Funeral Home Drive By Shooting Mayor Lightfoot, President Trump

Chicago is a war zone as fourteen people were injured in a shooting at a funeral home in which an exchange of gunfire took place between funeral attendees and drive-by shooters, who fled the scene and remain at large.

This latest Chicago shooting took place amid President Trump announcing he’ll send federal authorities into the windy city to protect Chicagoans from the surge in shootings if Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot doesn’t get the gun violence under control.

Mayor Lightweight responded by threatening President Trump that ‘Under no conditions will she allow Trump’s ‘troops’ to terrorize Chicago residents.’

The funeral home incident unfolded on Tuesday evening in Chicago’s Auburn Gresham community on the South Side, where police superintendent Eric Carter said more than a dozen people were shot outside a funeral home, noting that the victims are being treated at 5 different area hospitals.

Chicago War zone

While Carter did not elaborate on the extent of the injuries, the Chicago Fire Department earlier said all were in serious or critical condition.

Carter said attendees of a memorial service in progress at the time of the shooting fired back at the attackers, who sped away in a black vehicle before crashing and fleeing on foot. None of the suspects have been identified, but police said a person of interest is now being questioned in custody.

A local reporter on the scene said there were “dozens of dozens” of shell casings visible on the ground in the aftermath of the incident, also citing a resident who said it sounded like “multiple weapons” were used in the shooting. Carter confirmed that 60 casings had been recovered, though did not elaborate on the number of shooters.

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