Christiane Amanpour Interviews Frm California Gov Jerry Brown on Trump, COVID, BLM Riots, & Portland

Earlier this week CNN International and PBS Amanpour & Co. host Christiane Amanpour interviewed former California Democratic Governor Jerry Brown in which she set him up to bash President Donald Trump over sending federal agents to quell rioting in Portland.

Despite being cued him up to regurgitate the Democrats fearmonger talking points that somehow President Trump is “authoritarian,” Brown utterly failed.

After Amanpour asked California’s former leftist governor about President Trump sending federal agents to Portland, and the possibility of sending them to other cities against the wishes of Democratic mayors, Brown tore into the President, calling him “bizarre” and “deviant.”

But with each barb that Brown tried throwing, he canceled out his own idiocy by admitting the Democrats partook in the very same actions as President Trump.

Jerry Brown Stepping On A Rake:

  • After crying that Trump had no cause, Brown surprisingly admitted that there are hundreds of “anarchists” in Oakland (where he used to be mayor) who are prone to destroying property, including through arson.
  • Brown argued that local police should handle it, and then suggested that the President was sending the “Army” or “some other militia equivalent” as a political ploy. Of course, Brown failed to mention these federal troops were being sent in to protect Federal property, as well as the Portland’s Federal Courthouse. But Brown then declared “California has seen their share of riots, like the 1965 Watts Riots, but then admitting both the Governor and President called in 14,000 members of the Army National Guard to quell the violence.
  • After Brown called Trump’s bring in Troops a “political ploy” and complained that President Richard Nixon “played it like a violin” during the 1968 Chicago riots. Unfortunately for Brown he somehow forgot that…
    • Nixon wasn’t the President of the United States.
    • The one who authorized the Police violence and heavy-handedness was Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Richard Daley
    • Daley called in the Illinois National Guard to quell the violence ONLY AFTER consulting with Democrat President Johnson.
    • The riots happened during the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

The only significant challenge Christiane Amanpour ask Brown was about reports that he, like Obama, did with Trump, “defunded” programs so the state was unable to maintain an adequate supply of medical supplies for former Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar, which Brown denied.

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