Watch CNN Hypocrite Kaitlin Collins Tears Off Mask When She Thought Cameras Were Off

CNN Hypocrite Kaitlin Collins caught removing COVID mask
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Say it ain’t so… It’s almost like all these fake news reporters like Kaitlin Collins wearing masks are just virtue signaling to push some, hmm, Trump-Hate partisan agenda. Crazy thought, right?

CNN’s Kaitlin Collins, living in Dear Diary’s Jim Acosta’s shadow, has been trying to make a name for herself by attempting to goat President Trump, and/or New White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany into confrontations.

Despite their never-ending whining about wearing masks and social distancing. CNN’s White House reporter got caught red-handed when she thought the cameras had been turned off.

After Friday’s White House Coronavirus press briefing at the White House, had ended, believing the cameras were assumed off, CNN’s Kaitlin Collins jumped out of her seat and ripped her mask off.

And OMG Collins did it as she moved closer to her colleagues, and well within the six-foot guidelines for which CNN is always reminding America about whenever they are reporting on those nazi swastika wearing, noose carrying, Rebel flag-waving Right-wing protesters.

CNN’s Hypocrite Masked Moron Kaitlin Collins

What’s really hilarious here is that CNN’s Kaitlin Collins has made several public comments, as well as authored articles chastising the President for not wearing a mask, even when it logically made no sense to do so.

In fact, she used her time at Thursday’s briefing to scold President Trump and his officials for not wearing masks at an outdoor briefing in which no one stood near each other.

In the end, her ripping the mask off isn’t the issue here.

Taking a mask off or not wearing one in the first place when it makes sense is not a bad thing.

The issue here is the rank hypocrisy and the fact that these reporters are obviously just playing for the cameras when they are pushing CNN’s Orange Man Bad narrative.

Of course, once this video showing CNN’s latest hypocrisy goes viral. 

By Monday we will be reporting on Kaitlin Collins’ issuing her liberal-leftist ‘Sorry, NOT Sorry’ apology.

My money is on Kaitlin doubling-down on her hypocrisy by whining: ‘Wearing a mask is not a requirement, but is up to each individual to choose whether to do so or not”

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