Poor CNN, after watching President Trump nominate distinguished Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, then they had to abandon forced a live shot after a crowd started screaming ‘CNN is Fake News‘ drowned out their reporter.

The Clown News Network had a horrific Saturday.

First, after Amy Coney Barrett was nominated to replace the recently departed Ruth Bader Ginsberg. CNN couldn’t even call Barrett a Trump ‘White Supremacists,’ or even one of stuttering alcoholic Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Henchman,‘ because she had the audacity to adopt two black Haitian children.

Unfortunately for CNN, things went from bad worse when they went to a live shot of reporter Ariane de Vogue standing outside of the Supreme Court for a little Barrett bashing to soothe their butt-hurt liberal-bias reporting feelings.

Only to have 118-year-old Wolf Blitzer inform de Vogue that regrettably, they couldn’t hear her disparaging Barrett over those damn American flag-waving MAGA Trump supporters screaming…

“CNN is Fake News.”

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