WATCH: Conservative Kaitlin Bennett Violently Attacked By Tolerant UCF Leftists

Kaitlin Bennett Violently Attacked By Tolerant UCF Leftists
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Conservative gun rights activist Kaitlin Bennett was harassed and attacked by a swarm of unhinged tolerant leftists when she visited the University of Central Florida.
Things escalated to the point where Bennett’s security was forced to physically fight people off who wanted to attack her all because she had the audacity of visiting the UCF campus while being a conservative who advocates for gun rights.

Several videos posted to social media on Thursday showed Bennett — known for her viral videos talking to liberals about everything from abortion to gun rights — receiving a not-so-warm welcome at the university.

Bennet visited the UCF campus to work on a new project, which involved asking students if Joe Biden or Donald Trump would be a better president for black Americans.

Protesters began chasing Bennett and her production and security team around campus, telling her to “get the f**k out of here.” Some were holding Black Lives Matter signs.

The unhinged violent mob of leftist lunatics eventually forced Kaitlin Bennett inside a bagel shop leaving her security team guarding the door.

Bennett’s bodyguards were forced to physically push demonstrators back after they continually tried to get inside hoping to assault the conservative lightning rod.

Hysterically, the UFC puts out a statement blaming Kaitlin Bennett For The 50 Liberals Chasing Her

While conveniently overlooking the violence by their liberal lunatics. UFC instead admonished Bennett and her crew for not complying with the school’s COVID-19 regulations because they had to be told to wear face coverings.

The school also said Bennett’s group “intended to agitate” and “offended many members of our community.”

Of Course, the University of Central Florida LIED!

Bennett takes to Twitter to expose UCF’s lies.


Bennett also tried posting a video from her UCF nightmare, but, of course, Twitter tried blocking it.



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