Big Apple Mayor Bill de Blasio apparently requires an economic lesson in how the nation’s largest city pays its bills; suggesting New York no longer needs some of its wealthiest residents because they’ve been “fair-weather friends” during the Coronavirus.

“To the point about the folks out in the Hamptons, I have to be very clear about this, we do not make decisions based on the wealthy few,” de Blasio told reporters during his daily press conference Thursday. “I was troubled to hear this concept that because wealthy people have a set of concerns about the city that we should accommodate them — that we should build our policy and approaches around them.”

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“That’s not how it works around here anymore,” the mayor continued. “This city is for New Yorkers, this city is for people who live here, work here, fight to make this place better, fight through this crisis.”

“There’s a lot of New Yorkers who are wealthy, who are true believers in New York City, and will stand and fight with us — and there’s some who may be fair-weather friends,” he added. “But we must build our policies around working people.”