Washington Gov. Jay Inslee can’t be this imbecilic as he acted completely stumped Wednesday afternoon when a reporter asked him at an online press conference about the takeover of part of downtown Seattle by radical leftists.

Inslee laughingly responded:

“That’s news to me,”

Wait. What? Is this leftist lunatic Governor trying to claim he is clueless of the fact that in a 6-city block area of Inslee’s biggest, and most important city in Washington state have been seized by members of the Antifa/BLM terrorist organizations?

Gov. Jay Inslee, Are you F’n kidding me?

As Tusker Daily reported on Tuesday. After Seattle’s Democrat leadership abandoned not only the local Police precinct but area residents they were elected to protect. Radicals associated with the Antifa and Black Lives Matter took over several city blocks and began erecting barricades.

As we reported yesterday, these terrorists even put out a call for ‘Folks with Firearms’ to come and defend the area in which they are calling the ‘Seattle Autonomous Zone (SAZ)’ or the ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).’

I guess we can forget about Inslee having any knowledge that Antifa/BLM are developing its own rules within the city and the state in which HE IS THE GOVERNOR OF?

When asked in a follow-up question about using the National Guard to retake a block that had been taken over by anarchists. Inslee answered, “That’s a hypothetical.”

No, It’s Not, You Moron. It Is Real. And It Happened Three Days Ago!

Since I’m the friendly, always willing to lend a hand to my mental midget Democrats friends, type of guy.

Here’s a map so Inslee can maybe if he’s not to busy, go take a look for himself at what is happening in Washington State’s biggest city.

Go ahead Washington State keep blindly electing those Democrats…You deserve everything you voted for.

Antifa domestic terrorists set up an “autonomous zone” in six square blocks in Seattle over the weekend.
Antifa domestic terrorists set up an “autonomous zone” in six square blocks in Seattle over the weekend.

If Inslee believes, and with good reason, the mainstream media is spewing more fake news about this are of Seattle being taken over.

Then how about believing the President of the United States.

Because unlike those useless Democrats showing their belly to Antifa, and BLM. President Trump won’t wait very long to take action and protect Americans from terrorist organizations.