NYC antisemitic attack

Another NYC Jewish man was assaulted by a group of antisemitic black teens as he was walking down the sidewalk in Brooklyn, New York


I found disturbing footage of chair throwing & assault on Chassidic Jew Tue on Albany & Lincoln. Victim is uncomfortable reporting due to the discovery reform (attacker may know his identity). Same group assaulted someone later that night on Union Kingston. @NYPD77Pct @NYPD71Pct

A group of teens walking down Albany Ave can be seen as they ambush am unassuming bochur walking towards them.

As the bochur attempts to walk around the group, one of them throws a folded chair at him, hitting the bochur and making him stumble.

The startled bochur was then subjected to a quick beating, as two of the group comes after him again, punching him one after another.

The group then continues on their way, heading deeper into the Crown Heights area.

The group then made their way onto Union Street, where as previously reported on, they brutally attack a Crown Heights resident near Kingston Ave, throwing him to the floor.

The group of teens were quickly tracked down by Crown Heights Shomrim volunteers, who were able to follow them to the Albany Ave projects.


Expect Democrats Governor Cuomo and NYC’s moronic Mayor Bill de Blasio to blame this Attack on President Trump as well.

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