Watch Hollywood Life - Cassie Gill Spews Another Melania Hates Donald Trump Delusion

You have to give liberals like Hollywood Life Journolist Cassie Gill credit for their steadfast ‘Feelings aren’t Facts‘ reporting on President Trump. Cassie Gill’s latest Trump-Hate Democrat Delusion claims that ‘Melanie Trump “repeatedly” pulls her hand away from President Donald Trump as they exited Air Force One.’

Of course, instead of the video proving her liberal Trump-Hate delusion, the footage only proves that mental midgets such as Cassie Gill are nothing more than a bunch of ‘lying dog-faced pony soldiers’ who understand that their readers are simply incapable of reading past a headline.

Cassie Gill authored this little bit of Liberal Logic idiocy on Hollywood Life titled: Melania Trump Repeatedly Pulls Her Hand Away From Donald As They Step Off Air Force One — Watch

Amazingly, not only does the video NOT show Melania Trump dissing her husband when they were exiting Air Force One after arriving from Morristown, NJ.

But an earlier video of the first family arriving hours before shows that the hand-holding first couple are still very much in love with one another.

Before you view the video here’s how Cassie Gill described what her loony-toon liberalism had witnessed:

Melania Trump, 50, was once again not into holding her husband Donald Trump‘s hand! The 74-year-old President got the cold shoulder as he attempted to grab her hand several times while descending down the stairs of Air Force One in Morristown, NJ on Sunday, Aug. 16. The First Lady simply wasn’t having it, as she tightly clutched onto her $13K camel colored Hermès Birkin bag, swiftly moving her arm away from his romantic gesture. As if one time wasn’t enough, Donald went for a second attempt before finally placing his right hand on her lower back.

Hysterically. in the very next paragraph the La La Land Liberal explains exactly why Melanie didn’t hold her husband’s hand as she walked down the plane’s staircase.

“The wind was full blown in the video, as Melania’s highlighted brunette hair blew to the left and then in front of her face. She also appeared to be fairly focused on walking down the stairs in her trademark sky high feels, perhaps factoring into awkwardly declining Donald”

Cassie Gill, like all good liberals who have an agenda, failed to mention that upon hitting the tarmac, Melanie Trump switches her handbag to her right hand, and Donald and Melania proceed to hold hands the entire length as the walked across the tarmac toward Marine One.

Worse, if Cassie Gill had any intention of reporting facts rather than feelings a simple search on YouTube would have shown her POTUS, and FLOTUS exiting Marine One and hand-holding their way towards Air Force One.

Here are both videos the first part which Cassie Gill used as the basis for her moronic article, and the part she ignored because it would have obliterated the Trump-Hate Hollywood Life fiction she had penned.




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