During his meeting with Stuttering Alcoholic Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Cryin Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Hypocrite Joe Biden butchered a Spanish expression of welcome meaning, and his campaign managers kicked reporters out for having the audacity to ask questions.

Joe Biden attempted to tell Nancy Pelosi “mi casa es su casa” which is a Spanish expression of welcome meaning “My house is your house“. But as usual, stumbling bumbling Joe Biden screwed it up by saying “mi casa, you casa,” which translates to “my house, you house

But far worse in our opinion, hypocrite Joe Biden who ran in 2020 on supposedly bringing back ‘Civility’ and ‘Respect for others’ to the Presidency did exactly what the press has been lambasting President Trump for doing.

As Nancy Pelosi cackled, Joe Biden’s team of handlers started screeching “It’s Over…Move…Get Out” after the mainstream media reporters had the audacity to start asking questions.

While his handlers cleared the room, Joe Biden followed up his cultural faux pas by mocking CBS News’ reporter Bo Erickson for having the audacity to ask the supposed president-elect a legitimate question.

“The COVID task force said it was safe for students to be in class, are you going to encourage teacher unions to cooperate to get kids back in school?”

Biden, clearly outraged that he was being asked a legitimate news question, and to explain why his own COVID task force had come to the same exact conclusion over the reopening of school that he had been ridiculing President Trump for.

Joe Biden channeled his best supposedly evil Donald Trump and lectured the reporter: “Why are you the only guy that always shouts out questions,” 

CNN Triggered By Hypocrite Joe Biden Disrespecting News Reporters…Just Kidding

At this moment there has been no word yet if CNN’s Jim Acosta penned another ‘Dear Diary‘ moment over Joe Biden clearly disrespecting a news reporter for just doing his job.
If Joe Biden does indeed steal the 2020 election, America will need to get their wading boots on since we will be spending the next 4-years sloshing through knee-deep Joe Biden and the Democrats hypocrite bullshit.

Jim Acosta says “[Dr. King] likely would not have approved of what took place Monday evening across from the White House…” when Trump visited the church.

But White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany wasn’t having any of it, scolding Dear Diary Jim Acosta that there was no tear gas or rubber bullets and protesters were asked to move 3 times.

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