An irate New Yorker raked Chuck Schumer over the coals as she interrupted the Senate Minority Leader’sLook At Me‘ Manhattan press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Before vowing to show up at his and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s homes, the enraged heckler called Schumer a “racist” and a “traitor”.

As Schumer (D-NY) was wrapping up his press conference, in which he demanded President Trump be removed from office, and his plea to the TSA to add the US Capitol rioters to the no-fly list.

An angry mask-wearing woman stepped in front of his podium and started hurling insults at the hypocrite Brooklyn lawmaker.

“You’re nothing but a coward!” she roared, saying she was “glad” to see Wednesday’s attack against the US Capitol.

“I didn’t think the conservatives had it in them,” she continued.

“As long as there’s unrest, there’s going to be unrest in these streets, I don’t give a s–t whether you believe me.”

As the woman continued with her tirade, saying at one point she is a “transsexual” and a “gypsy,” Schumer was captured on a news outlet’s mic saying. “Can we remove her?

When security guards moved in and tried to  push her away, she screamed, “Get your hands off me!”

Watch Irate New Yorker Slams Hypocrite Chuck Schumer

NOW Chuck Schumer Is Concerned About Violent Protesters/Rioters?

Whether you believe this woman was unhinged or not.

It’s simply hysterical that Chuck Schumer is now concerned about getting the TSA to place violent protesters on America’s ‘No Fly List’.

For months, ‘Crying Chuck‘ watched silently as BLM and ANTIFA rioters looted, and burned their way across America.

How many innocent people were murdered during those riots?

Of course, Sen. Chuck Schumer, like his Hypocrite Democratic colleagues, never said a word when their BLM ‘Peaceful Protesters’ murdered St Louis retired Police Capt. David Dorn.



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