Watch Jill Biden Welcomes Biden2020 Car Caravan Only 597 Cars Short Of Trump’s

Jill Biden Biden2020 Car Caravan
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Joe Biden’s more alive wife Jill hit the campaign trail in New Hampshire and was on hand to cheer on the Biden2020 Car Caravan as it rolled on by.

On Wednesday, as her feeble-minded Cellar-Dwellar husband stayed safely locked away from America, for whatever reason Jill Biden hosted a joint roundtable event to discuss healthcare with Kamala Harris’ White Privileged husband Doug Emhoff.

Afterward, Jill Biden stood on the road and enthusiastically cheered on the Biden2020 Car-Caravan as it rolled on by.

You Got This Jill Biden…Only 597 more cars and you’re there.

Of course, the Joe Biden 2020 Car Caravan was just a wee bit shorter than the Trump 600 car caravan that rolled through Portland, Oregon in late August…about 597 cars shorter to be exact.

Massive-Trump Car Caravan Arrives In Portland

More than 1,000 Trump supporters gathered Saturday at Clackamas Town Center to hold the area’s largest rally for President Donald Trump, and to participate in a Pro-Trump 2020 600 Car Caravan drive through Portland.

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