Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Guest-Host Samuel L. Jackson Airs Cringe-Worthy Trump-Hate 2020 Campaign Ad

Jimmy Kimmel Guest-Host Samuel L Jackson Airs Cringe-Worthy Trump-Hate 2020 Campaign Ad
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Guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Liveon ABC on Friday night, Samuel L. Jackson aired what was supposed to be a satirical ad for President Trump’s re-election, but instead of being funny, it was just another sad La La land Liberal spewing a laundry list of Hollywood Hypocrite grievances against Donald Trump.

Jackson introduced the video by spewing “The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump is dangerous for this country. In fact, his campaign ads even come with disclaimers now.”

He then showed what was intended to be a supposed campaign ad but was more like an ad for a pharmaceutical commercial complete with an end of a medical ad warning of unwanted side effects.

The cringy segment warned that voting for Trump may cause you to experience, “racism, sexism, nepotism, corruption, collusion, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, hypocrisy, delusion, gullibility, paranoia, fascism, greed, rage, hate, fear, and mullets.”

The cringe-worthy commercial concluded with it urging Trump MAGA supporters to seek medical help.

When Jackson returned to the screen he proclaimed “Finally, something me and the Trump campaign agree on.”

Apparently, late-night comedy in 2020 has been reduced to calling Republicans evil, white supremacists Nazi’s

This segment was sponsored by Subaru.

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