Joe Biden did his best Moses parting the red sea impersonation as he lectured America of an apocalyptic future where climate change runs amok washing away suburban houses in great floods and Mother Earth sets out-of-control wildfires like she was a BLM rioter with a full tank of gas, and it’ll all happen if America elects Donald J. Trump President for another four-years.

My Lord, this man is totally off his rocker, and his dementia is in full bloom as he forgets that he and Obama ran the country for 8-years.

I can only assume Joe Biden believes there were no such things as Hurricanes, Wildfires, or a little something we called Superstorm Sandy.

I know the one thing that hasn’t happened under Donald Trump but did occur under the Obama/Biden watch.

Millions of gallons of oil flowing into the Gulf during the BP Oil spill while Obama and Biden did nothing for weeks…Except, of course, what it all unfold on TV like the rest of the world.

Of course, some in the media were outraged that the world was saying Obama failed in addressing the BP Oil Spill.

Here’s Bloomberg columnist Caroline Baum talks about criticism faced by President Barack Obama for the response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Funny how Baum is quick to say ‘Well, what can Obama do about a busted wellhead?’ but Trump, according to Biden, should have been able to stop wildfires and Hurricanes.