Democrats everywhere must cringe at the thought of Clueless Joe being their nominee after Joe Biden breathlessly screeched ‘200 Million Have Died From COVID’

With little more than a week before the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump takes place there is a great fear among Democrats.

That fear is based on every time Dementia Joe ventures outside of his basement, he often loses his train of thought, cuts off what he’s saying mid-sentence, or says something that is imbecilic at best.

Well, Joe Biden emerged from his Delaware basement on Sunday and delivered a little more of his special kind of stupidity.

Joe Biden showed his rapidly declining cognitive abilities by claiming that 200 million people will die from COVID by the time he finishes his speech…that’s nearly 2/3 of the US population.

At this point, 200 thousand in the U.S. has succumbed to COVID, so Joe Biden better keep stumbling and bumbling through his speech until the end of time.

Joe Biden Declares 200 Million Have Died From COVID:

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