At the G7 summit, President Joe Biden was caught on video wandering around a cafe before his wife Jill Biden stepped in and led him away like a lost puppy.
Conservatives, who have long questioned Biden’s mental acuity, called the video “painful to watch.”

Video footage posted online on Friday, but largely ignored by the mainstream media, shows Biden wandering slowly onto a cafe terrace.

Someone on the terrace, most likely an ITV journalist, asks “How are your meetings going in Cornwall?” Biden then freezes, flashes a thumbs-up, and replies “Very good.”

Watch Joe Biden Wandering Around G7 Summit

First Lady Jill Biden then steps in and beckons her husband like a lost puppy toward her, before leading him away by the hand as diners laugh out loud.

Biden’s demeanor and apparent confusion raised eyebrows online, particularly among many who have claimed that Biden was showing signs of cognitive decline.



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