Watch: Joe Biden’s 2019 Axios Interview Defending Hunter Biden Didn’t Age Well In Light Of The New Senate Report

Joe Biden Axios HBO Interview About Hunter Biden Burisma
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In light of yesterday’s release of the year-long Senate investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign corruption, and his under-the-table sweetheart deal with Ukrainian gas giant, Burisma, Joe Biden’s Axios Interview in December 2019, didn’t age well.

Besides the Senate report outlining Joe Biden and his family’s long list of conflicts of interest at the upper echelons of government. One of the more shocking revelations was accusing Hunter Biden making a number of payments to foreign nationals with “questionable backgrounds” consistent with “organized prostitution and/or human trafficking.”

The Joe Biden Axios Interview Didn’t Age Well

Despite Axios on HBO reporter Mike Allen claiming that the charges against his son, were “DEBUNKED,” even he couldn’t avoid asking Joe Biden about Hunter Biden’s Burisma deal “not passing the smell test.”

While Joe Biden screeched his lie about their not being one scintilla of proof that supported any corruption being involved in Hunter Biden obtaining a sweetheart deal that paid him handsomely to become a Burisma board member.

What Allen conveniently failed to mention, in which Joe Biden is well aware of, is the fact that two Obama administration officials raised concerns to the White House in 2015 about Hunter Biden serving on the board of a Ukrainian natural-gas company while his father was the Vice President of the United States.

Axios’ liberal-bias reporter also failed to mention that Hunter Biden’s business partner, Christopher Heinz, who also happens to be the stepson of Obama’s then-Secretary of State John Kerry, cut all ties with Joe Biden’s son the moment Hunter Biden signed on with the oligarch-owned Ukrainian gas company in 2014.

Watch Joe Biden’s Axios Interview In Which He Defends Hunter By Claiming “Look At Trump’s Kids”

Despite even the Obama administration being concerned. Watch Joe Biden, who strangely broke out in laughter at inappropriate times during this 2-minute clip, defend his son Hunter Biden:

Joe Biden, Delusional Democrat, or Naive Nitwit?

Joe Biden claiming “I trust my son” is simply moronic, in light of Hunter Biden’s long document record of criminal activity, and/or his lack of integrity, and/or lack of judgment, which, among other events, includes:

  • Being dishonorably discharged from the Navy after failing multiple drug tests.
  • Hunter Biden’s most recent marriage was to a woman who he had known for less than 10-days.
  • Hunter lying under others about fathering a child that he refused to pay child support until a court-ordered DNA proved that he was in fact the father. Hilariously, when Joe Biden and his wife Jill are asked “How many grandchildren do they have?” They always fail to count this child as one of them.
  • But most disgusting of all, Hunter Biden left his wife of 24-years, to began dating his former sister-in-law Hallie just months after his brother Beau Biden, had died of brain cancer.

Hunter Biden dated his dead brothers wife

Joe Biden’s ‘I trust my son’ defense of Hunter is either laughable or simply proves Biden is such a gullible naive individual that he is incapable of being President of the United States.

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