Joe Biden Unhinged Video
With Black Lives Matter, and Antifa rioting and looting in many of America’s largest city’s chipping away at his poll numbers, Joe Biden’s “Be Not Afraid” campaign ad condemns the “lawlessness,” BUT…
Instead of the Biden campaign showing footage from one of the many violent BLM, Antia riots taking place in places such as Portland, Seattle, or Kenosha, Wisconsin. Joe Biden’s “Be Not Afraid” ad shows video taken from last weekend 600 vehicle Pro-Trump car caravan, and Tiki torch-carrying white supremacists marching in Charlottesville.

President Trump has savaged Democrat mayors and governors for not cracking down hard enough on criminality and roasted Joe Biden for his reluctance to condemn the violence strongly enough or saying the name of the organizations that are truly responsible for all the arson, looting, and violence.

With reaction among Washington Democrats ranging from denial from the likes of obese Rep. Jerry Nadler who called the rioting in Portland a myth, to outright encouragement.

After months of BLM, Antifa violence, looting, and burning it appears to have finally hurt Biden’s polling numbers, as the gap between the former vice president and President Trump has narrowed to just a single digit in many battleground states according to the latest CNN polling.

Joe Biden “Be Not Afraid”…Say Their Name

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