MSNBC Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski and wife Joe Scarborough got into a bit of an argument with CBS’s The Late Show host Stephen Colbert over whether to call ALL Republicans “fascist” because they’re following a fascist leader?

Of all the people he could have chosen, Colbert picked this mental midget, to ask about the state of the Republican Party?

Colbert started off his liberal idiocy by asking Joe Scarborough “What’s going on with your former party right now?”

Scarborough who claimed he was “trying too hard to not be controversial” proceeded to answer:

“It’s still embracing a guy, and they’re still following a guy who — I’m not saying the Republican Party’s fascist, but the guy that they’re following is a fascist.”

Colbert quipped, “They’re not fascists, they’re fascist curious,” to which MSNBC’s Morning Joe Host not-so cleverly tried to distance himself from his own comments with, “Well, you said that.”

Colbert then called him out for his unwillingness to take his assertion to its logical conclusion: “If you’re following a guy who’s fascist, you’re not a fascist? What are you?”

Scarborough, after years of dictator analogies, offered up a weak, “I’m trying to be polite here.” After Brzezinski interrupted to declare, “They’re fascists!” 

Mika then mocked his wife Joe for his faux politeness with “Okay, that’s going to do well.”

Colbert joined in on mocking Mika’s wife by teasing Joe Scarborough about his fake civility “I think fascist is nicer than what you’re saying.”

For which Mike using a redneck drawl screeched “BUNCH A MOR-ONS!”

Watch Joe Scarborough Spewing His Idiocy

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  1. Fascist? A bundle of sticks with an axe. This explains why Republicans freed the slaves and became targets for the KKK. So much clearer now. Thanks for the enlightenment.

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