When it comes to President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, good news there’s no pleasing the liberal media, even when Donald Trump has the subdued, in-control White House Press Briefing that DNC-Puppets like Joe Scarborough have been screaming for him to have.

MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough showed America a perfect example of how President Donald Trump could never appease the liberal loony-toon talking heads.

As Newsbusters Contributing editor Mark Finkelstein noted. President Trump gave a measured press-conference performance on the coronavirus during Tuesday’s White House Press Briefing.

Finkelstein commented that President Trump struck a notably candid and somber note in warning that “things will probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better.”

You might have thought that Scarborough & Co. would have welcomed President Trump’s serious tone. But no.

On the contrary, Donald Trump’s “New” more somber tone sent ‘Crazy Joe’ into an outrage triggered liberal, table-pounding, screaming like a madman rage.

Scarborough credited Trump’s more measured approach by screaming “One day! One day!,” ending his supposedly-righteous fury by insanely ranting to the President “just go home: you’ve already killed enough Americans.

Hysterically, Scarborough just returned from a two-week break that his husband Mika Brzezinski had ordered.

In April Joe Scarborough’s temper tantrums got so extreme that his screaming literally overwhelmed the studio’s sound system.

Even a dominatrix like Mika became so concerned for her henpecked husband’s fragile mental state that she gingerly asked him “Are you okay?”

Fragile Mental Midget Joe Scarborough Has Lost It

Clearly based on his insane ranting one could easily surmise that Joe Scarborough’s fragile mentality is in need of far more than a 2-weeks vacay.

As evidence by his insane ranting, Joe’s rest period has utterly failed to produce the desired results.

If anything, his Trump deranged screeching only proved that Joe Scarborough’s fragile psyche has worsened.