Watch: Massive Pro-Trump 2020 Car Caravan Drives Through Portland

Massive Pro-Trump 2020 Car Caravan Drives Through Portland
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More than 1,000 Trump supporters gathered Saturday at Clackamas Town Center to hold the area’s largest rally for President Donald Trump, and to participate in a Pro-Trump 2020 Car Caravan drive through Portland.

The mall parking lot rally also attracted sheriff’s deputies and a small group of counter-protesters, confirmed Sgt. Marcus Mendoza, a spokesperson for the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

At least 600 vehicles, many displaying Trump flags, gathered in the mall parking lot planning to travel to Portland after the rally.

Around 5 PM, People held their Make America Great Again hats to their hearts as the national anthem started playing, which was followed by a series of pro-Trump speeches.

Alex Kyzik, an organizer, told the crowd:

“This rally is not a protest. This rally is a celebration of a great president.”

Event organizers asked people on social media not to openly display firearms, but encouraged concealed carry.

Clackamas County deputies were on the ground monitoring the event, the largest demonstration in recent months to occur on private property, with Sgt. Mendoza saying:

“Our goal here is to maintain the peace and make sure everyone has an opportunity to exercise their First Amendment rights,” 

Watch: Massive Pro-Trump 2020 Car Caravan Arrives In Portland

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