Auntie’ Maxine Waters unfurled her latest Trump-Hate conspiracy theory on CNN Saturday.

Absent any corroborating evidence whatsoever, she baselessly accused the Trump campaign of organizing the Capitol riot.

The unhinged congresswoman was invited on by Jim ‘Dear Diary’ Acosta, who recklessly allowed the partisan left-wing California Democrat to unfurl a real stemwinder about Jan. 6, all with the sole intention of smearing her political enemies.

“We’re talking about the Proud Boys. We’re talking about the Oath Keepers. We’re talking about the KKK,” Waters said. “KKK. We’re talking about Q Anon.”

This is the first anyone has ever mentioned that ‘the KKK’ was at the January 6th insurrection.

If anyone has any videos of rioters in white hoods breaking into the Capitol building they are encouraged to forward those to the FBI.

‘Dear Diary’ Did More Than Just Agree With ‘Pimpin Ain’t Easy’.

CNN host, and crack White House reporter Jim Acosta, didn’t bat an eye as ‘Pimpin Ain’t Easy’ spewed her latest Trump-Hate hysterics. 

Pimpin aint easy Maxine Waters Flips Her Wig On CNN Jim Acosta
Maxine ‘Pimpin Aint Easy’ Waters

Would it have been too much to ask if the Clown News Network host, acted like a real journalist for one moment?

After hearing Mad Maxine screech: ‘”I Was Told” that the Capitol Hill riots were funded by the Trump organization.’

Maybe, I don’t know, ‘Dear Diary‘ could have asked the Congresswoman “Who Told You?” 

But no, that would have been too much work.

The best Jim Acosta could do was to sit there like a bobblehead doll with a broken spring nodding his head in agreement and saying “That’s Right”.

As if by some miracle the best Jim Acosta was able to muster was to add some of his own Capitol Hill idiocy to what ‘Pimpin Ain’t Easy’ was spewing, by stating:

“Some of these Congressmen on the Republican side, Congresswoman, you know, Congresswoman Waters, are saying it was the FBI, now they are saying it is the FBI.”

Watch Maxine Waters Spewing More Of Her Trump-Hating Idiocy:


  1. Did they have I’m a republican written or pinned on their clothes? No. Waters needs to shut up with her lies and hate. Pelosi and the mayor put these officers in danger. Trump asked for extra security, see how you leave that out. Yes, the FBI knew and assisted. Waters needs to know and tell the truth but these leftist hate runs too deep for them to know the difference and go after Pelosi, she knows what truly took place.

  2. at the beginning, she looked like one of those dogs they put in the back window of cars in the 60’s that the head bobbed up and down

  3. She is worse than Biden She is a deranged empty headed bigot, racists and a danger to herself and the public Biden at least has the excuse he has dementia.


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