For the past week, there’s been plenty of incredible footage taken during the Minneapolis riots, but the rioting has also spawned other surreal scenes as well.

With Minneapolis and St. Paul under curfew for the past few days, the BLM rioting, looting, and arson that broke out following last Sunday’s shooting of Daunte Wright are slowly being brought under control.

Hundreds of BLM protesters and rioters have been arrested every night since Monday, as police and National Guard troops protect law enforcement buildings from the rage of the mob.

But last night proved while the curfew may have helped, it hasn’t come close to stopping the BLM rioting, looting, arson, and violence.

Watch BLM Rioters Clash With Police/National Guard

Minneapolis Riots Leads To Other Insanity Getting Caught On Video 

While the Police and National Guard are dealing with the rioting, civilians who have nothing to do with the violence are getting caught up in the wash.

Video footage that circulated on Saturday showed a heavily-armed group of National Guardsmen ordering a group of women out of their vehicle at a gas station.

The Guardsman then ordered them at gunpoint to kneel with their hands behind their heads.

Little is known about the incident but reports suggest that the women were filling their vehicle after the city’s curfew, and subsequently were treated, rightfully, as BLM rioters.

In defense of the Police Officers and National Guardsman Dealing with the Minneapolis Riots 

These women were out after curfew and I’m sorry if people feel these tactics were outrageous. 

What did you expect, after the people of Minnesota stood silently by for months letting BLM run rampant through their city?

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  1. This should have been done last year when all the trouble started !
    I approve of it 1,000 % … arrest every last curfew violator !
    Shoot the Rioters, Looters, and Arsonists !

  2. In my opinion, a couple of 50 caliber machine guns mounted on a humvee would be a good deterrent to clear these assholes off of the streets and the towns, especially if they were used on the attacking idiots. Ok, maybe just a few 30 calibers would do the job..


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