When Nancy Pelosi took the podium at her Thursday afternoon news conference with the intention of defending the Democratic articles of impeachment to the waiting media…

It’s safe to say she failed miserably.

For weeks the American people were subjected to the nightly Democrat blathering accusing President Trump of his attempted Quid Pro Quo of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

After Zelensky flat out denied the accusation, going so far as to say that not only didn’t he feel he was being pressured by President Trump during their phone call.

Zelensky, and other Ukraine officials stated that they didn’t have a clue that the American aid was being withheld.

I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s hard for President Trump to attempt a “Quid Pro Quo” when the other party doesn’t know anything about the “Quo” part.

With Ukraine flatly denying the delusional Democrats Quid Pro Quo charge, combined with President Trump unexpectedly releasing the transcript of the phone call between the two leaders.

The Democrats convened an emergency focus group and ‘Quid Pro Quo’ was out, and ‘Bribery‘ was in.

Shockingly on Thursday for one of the rare times White House reporters actually did what they’re paid to do.

Asking Pelosi ‘Why President Trump was charged with “abuse of power,” “obstruction of Congress” rather than the “bribery” charge they’ve been pushing for weeks?’

Nancy Pelosi’s explanation amounted to, “umm, just because”.

Not her exact words, of course. 

What she actually said was enough to give vindication for so many of my articles commencing with…

“Stuttering Alcoholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi…”

Instead of Nancy Pelosi answering the question with the confidence she had when accusing Donald Trump of being a ‘Coward‘ or an ‘illegitimate President.’

Nancy Pelosi stated babbling incoherently about only having role-played a doctor.

“I myself am not a lawyer. Sometimes I act like one. Not as often as I act as a doctor. I practice medicine on the side without the benefit of a diploma, too…”

After watching Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre performance supporters of the 108-year-old Speaker of the House might have to start wondering, what exactly was she drinking at the podium?



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