Nancy Pelosi, the stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House had another of her infamous “Democrat Revisionist History” moments, during her weekly Thursday press conference, and it was a doozy.

After being asked by a reporter:

The total national debt has surpassed $25 trillion. How much does the national debt weigh on her as she considers further federal coronavirus spending?

Nancy Pelosi said it would “penny foolish” for Congress to stop coronavirus stimulus spending, despite the rising national debt, and called on lawmakers to “think big.”

Pelosi’s mind then wandered into Democrat La La Land because she started to state why America’s debt has now reached 25 Trillion dollars.

Here are some of Nancy Pelosi’s highlights, or lowlights if you prefer:

  • Pelosi proclaims “I’m a pay-as-you-go Person”
      • Really Nancy? Maybe at Starbucks but not as a California Congresswoman.
  • Pelosi claimed Clinton budgets were producing surpluses under PAYGO act, but Bush did away with PAYGO.
      • Of course, Nancy left out the part where the Democrats waived the PAYGO rule when enacting Obama’s Recovery Act of 2009.
  • Pelosi spewed her biggest lie when she declared “When Obama came into office the deficit went from $1.4 Trillion to $500 Billion in the course of his Presidency.
      • Wait. What? In the course of his presidency? Did she mean from June 2015 to August 2015? Because the debt DOUBLED during Obama’s 8-years of his administration

Obama National Debt

Nancy finished by throwing another of her Trump-Hate lies by claiming that Trump passed a 2 Trillion dollar tax reform bill where 83% of the tax breaks went to the 1%.

OMG how many times has that Democratic idiocy been debunked?


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