Watch New Jersey Gov Murphy Told ‘You’re Such A D**k’ After Being Caught At Restaurant Having A Maskless Family Dinner

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy
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So as not to look hypocritical, before viewing the video below showing a restaurant patron lambasting New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy as he and his family dined at a local restaurant. It’s important to put Murphy’s action in context.

Governor Murphy’s family outing comes several days after he pointed to indoor gatherings as the main source behind the growing number of cases, urging everybody to take responsibility for bending the curve.”

Speaking on the supposed dangers of families gathering for a Thanksgiving celebration, Murphy told CNN on Thursday warned New Jersey residents:

 “Don’t go outside your [family] bubble and make sure that’s a small number,” 

“That’s the behavior we need right now, not just for next Thursday … but for the next couple of months,”

Murphy went so far as to threaten police action if New Jersey residents refused to comply with his unconstitutional 10-person limit at Thanksgiving parties:

“They will be there. That is a real threat. But we’ve got to do this ourselves,”

Phil Murphy, New Jersey’s ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’ Governor

The short clip below, purportedly filmed at a restaurant in Asbury Park over the weekend, shows Murphy sharing a meal with at least five other people, apparently his family.

Seeing New Jersey’s ‘Do as I say, and not as I do‘ governor the person filming called him “a d**k” among other names.

As a member of Murphy’s party asks the female protester if she is drunk and tells her to put a mask on, she retorts:

“You can go f**k yourself. Do you know why I don’t need a mask? There’s nothing f**king wrong with me.”

As the exchange became heated, Murphy and at least one member of his party could be seen scampering to put their masks on.

While some have responded to the clip by labeling the governor – a staunch proponent of social-distancing measures – a hypocrite,

Other Democrats’ defended him by doubling down on their liberal hypocrisy.

My What Short Memories The Leftist Twitter Mob Has

The same leftists who are now outraged over Murphy being supposedly harassed for his political beliefs. Stood up and cheered after Mad Maxine Waters called on the mob to harass any and all Trump supporters:

And if the hypocrite left wants to argue that it’s wrong to disparage Murphy while eating at a restaurant with his family.

Then may I remind them how the mob cheered after the Red Hen restaurant asked former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family, who, like Murphy, were similarly eating dinner, to get out of their restaurant.

In fact, in the leftist clown-world, chasing the Sanders’ family out of a restaurant didn’t go far enough according to liberal-left magazine Glamour who reported: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Shouldn’t Be Able to Eat Dinner in Public. 

It’s hilarious knowing that while Democrat and Conservative administrations may come and go, liberal hypocrites stand forever vigilant.

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