While it took far too long, it appears that the NYPD has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards looters.
A video shows a group of cops giving a deserved beat down to a looter who they nabbed red-handed inside a burglarized shop in Lower Manhattan.

The short shows a cop bashing the looter who thought he would just invite himself into a shoe store.

At one point, as the looter covers his face from the blows, the POS tried to get on his feet. But that idea came to a sudden end, as within seconds, two more officers join in the drubbing.

The scuffle was witnessed by a group of rioters who gathered outside the damaged storefront.

While some of the mental midget mob started shouting profanities and “police brutality!”

They all ran away like scared rabbits as more police arrived at the scene.

New York City has been rocked by several days of protests following the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd at the hands of police, with some of the demonstrations devolving into riots and looting.

The city’s swanky SoHo (“south of Houston Street”) neighborhood fell victim to a string of criminal activity on Sunday night – but as you just witnessed not all the perpetrators managed to escape the law.

While this has nothing to do with the above story. It does show the AOC level of intelligence these morons have.