WATCH: Oregon Wildfires Leave Neighborhoods in Ashes

Oregon Wildfire Video
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As Orgon wildfires continue to rage out of control, in the town of Talent, footage captured the horrific scene as houses and businesses have been wiped out by the blaze.

The Terrible Aftermath Of The Oregon Wildfires Was Captured On Video

Talent, a town of some 6,000 residents, has been among locations most affected by the massive fire sweeping through Oregon. Thousands have been told to evacuate the southern part of the state as strong winds fed the blaze that carved the path of destruction through towns and countryside.

Footage released by RT’s video agency Ruptly shows multiple houses completely burnt to the ground in Talent as the camera drives through the devastated neighborhoods.

Only a few cars and trees appear to be spared from the inferno’s wrath, which underscores the scale of the damage.

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