House Democrats have been waiting for more than a year to grill U.S. Attorney General William Barr, and the only thing they accomplished was in making every American who tuned in scream ‘Reclaiming My Time’.

The liberal left has accused Barr of being President Donald Trump’s lackey, being complicit in the murder of Americans and a traitor to the United States, just to name a few of the crimes Democrats have already judged him guilty of.

This week they finally had their chance to grill Bill Barr before the House Judiciary Committee, however, the Democrats were clearly more interested in playing to the camera than holding the AG accountable for his supposed crimes against humanity.

The only thing the House Democrats succeeded at was frustrating American’s from both sides of the aisle who had the misfortune of tuning in believing they were about to watch a congressional hearing, only to get sucked into watching Jerry Nadler’s three-ring circus.

In last year’s Trump impeachment hoax, House Democrats turned the initial questioning over to skilled litigators who asked witnesses detailed questions, listened to full answers, and then asked follow-ups when necessary.

During the AG Barr testimony, Democrats departed from that format and after America watched the liberal loony-toon show they can now understand why Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is a Stuttering Alcoholic.

With only five minutes each to grill Barr, many of the committee’s senior Democrats chose to use their limited time to make speeches disguised as questions, with little intention of seeking answers from Barr.

Almost immediately from the opening of the Democrats’ latest inquisition, it became quite apparent that “Reclaiming my time” would quickly become the anthem of the day.

Attorney General Bill Barr frustrated with the Democrats shinanigans at one point complained: “This is a hearing? I thought that I was the one who was supposed to be heard.”

Trump-hating Democrat, Preet Bharara, one of two U.S. attorneys in Manhattan that President Trump had removed, opined “Disappointing hearing,” adding a few minutes later adding “And getting worse”.

Amazingly, a majority of the outrage on social media wasn’t from Republicans, but from the Democrat’s own supporters, who quickly grew tired of watching their party’s ‘Dog-and-Pony’ show.

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