Early last week, Pokey Joe Biden poked a guy in the chest, on Friday, Biden was caught again poking a black man in his chest.

Pokey Joe’s lucky that so far nobody’s poked Biden back in his face.

Pokey Joe Biden was at another campaign event in Iowa when a black voter representing Mobilize for the Wild asked him about climate change and he started lecturing the guy while poking him with his finger.

Imagine if Donald Trump Poked someone as much as Pokey Joe… The Democrats would arrest the President for a hate crime and will demand he gets the gas chamber.

But of course, the mainstream media will simply ignore this latest Biden assault and/or blame it all on the person for instigating Pokey Joe.

What’s even crazier is Joe Biden referenced a “game-changing” bill from 30 years ago on climate that obviously was NOT a game-changer.

Mobilize for the Wild has the video above pinned to the top of their Twitter page.

Most of the comments call out Biden for poking the guy in the chest.

People on both sides of the aisle don’t like the aggressive manner in which Joe Biden speaks to people.

Here’s the video of Biden poking another voter in the chest:

We know his history with young girls and the inappropriate touching, but in the video below, he’s pokey Joe is lucky he wasn’t punched in the face.

Joe Biden was discussing pipelines with a voter in Iowa when he had a tense exchange.

Worse, Pokey Joe Biden grabbed the guy by the jacket a before poking him in the chest.

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