A Dramatic, and hilarious new video from the 100th straight night of rioting in Portland, Oregon, shows a Black Lives Matter, Antifa mental midget catching on fire after his anarchists’ buddy threw a Molotov cocktail at Police officers.

In the video shattering glass could be heard out of frame before the camera pans to a BLM dancing fool whose lower legs have ignited.

The BLM dimwitted democrat then frantically runs away from another small fire in the street and then heads towards his equally imbecilic rioting friends, who start screeching Stop. Drop. And Roll.

Fellow rioters work to extinguish ‘Burning man,’ but not one of these BLM, Antifa rocket scientists thought ‘Hey, maybe I’ll remove my jacket, or use a blanket to smother the flames.’

Instead, they went with the tried and true method of slapping at the flames with their hands and hitting the feet of the flaming fool with their shields.

Police in riot gear, to their credit, rush toward ‘Burning Man,‘ and after a quick shot from a fire extinguisher, the BLM, Antifa anarchist was renamed ‘Smoldering Man’.

At the time of the video, the officers had blocked hundreds of protesters from converging on the Southeast Portland precinct as part of a demonstration against police violence and systemic racism, The Oregonian reported.

Three Molotov cocktail-like devices were thrown before the police and state troopers at the scene quickly made their riot declaration and began forcefully dispersing the crowd, according to the paper.

The march had begun at 9 p.m. local time, and dozens of cops arrived to block protesters’ path, reportedly announcing over a loudspeaker that they wouldn’t allow demonstrators near the precinct “for the safety of city employees, community members and nearby residents.”

The incident marked the first use of tear gas in the city this month, according to The Oregonian. Saturday was the 101st consecutive day that protests have raged there.