Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler made the clueless decision to attend one of Portland’s BLM, Antifa protests on Wednesday evening, and for his idiocy, he was tear-gassed along with the rest of his fellow rioters.

After getting yelled at for the better part of an hour by crazed leftists, he walked over to the big fence that lines the federal courthouse, to join the protesters there.

As usual, the rioters broke through the fence, set several fires, and launched fireworks at the building.

Of course, while the news media loves delusionally crying that President Donald Trump is not fulfilling his oath of office, and he unconstitutionally sent his supposed ‘Secret Police‘ to Portland.

Isn’t Portland’s moronic Mayor Ted Wheeler, who is clearly standing amongst a group of rioting arsonists committing a felonious act, not only, NOT fulfilling his oath of office, but also could be charged for being an accomplice to a crime?

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Getting Exactly What He Deserves

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Getting Exactly What He Deserves Part II

As usual with the liberal leftist mob, even if you do everything for them… It’ll never be enough to stop them from getting triggered by your presence.

Watch The Full Video Of Portland’s Asshat Mayor Getting Tear-Gassed